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We offer a variety of options to meet your propane needs. We can meter the gas providing you with a more balanced monthly bill, deliver the gas only when your tank drops below a certain level or we can customize your delivery times to a certain season only.

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Metered Gas
Metered gas is only available when you rent your tank from us. Choosing this option allows us to inspect your tank monthly while we are reading your meter. Customers who choose this option enjoy the benefit of lower bills spread out over the year instead of a lump sum bill to fill the tank from time to time. We put our gas in the tank and you only pay for what you use!
On the scheduled delivery route, the driver will come to your residence or business and check the tank on a schedule we set to ensure that you always have gas. If the gauge on the propane tank reads less than 70%, our driver will fill the tank back to the full level, generally 80-85% on the gauge. If the gauge reads more than 70%, our driver will not leave gas on this trip but will return on the next scheduled delivery.